Knowing when is the best time to buy that new car, house or lawn mower could be the difference between saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.  Before you make another major purchase, check with this guide to know when the best time to buy.


New furniture is typically released bi-annually. Retailer slash prices in January with anticipation of new furniture arriving in February. Prices are lowered again in July for the arrival of new furniture in August.

Carpet and Flooring

Americans love to spruce up their homes for the holidays, which means carpet and flooring is in high demand through the end of December. Once the new year hits, however, demand and prices plummet.


Cute kittens, Tuscan vistas and boring-old Daytimers fly out the door during the holiday season. Come early January, calendar sales falter fast. Wait until calendars hit the bargain bin and you can save up to 70 percent, although the selection is limited.

Christmas Cards

Merchants like to unload their supplies directly after Christmas. If you’re willing ot store Christmas cards until the following year — and can depend on finding them again next December — you’ll be rewarded with unbeatable sales of 50 to 80 percent off.

Linens and Bedding

Since 1878 people have counted on the new year to bring in sales on whites. John Wannamaker originated the marketing strategy of “The White Sale”. Today, January is still the best time to look for discounts on bedding and linens as retailers, cataloguers and others still follow his lead. Keep an eye out during the rest of the year for good bargains as previous season styles will go on sale with the release of new lines.

Office Furniture

Most home-based business start-up in January and right after tax time. These are usually when retailers have their best deals on office furniture.

Outdoor Gear

Sometimes it feels the biggest adventure is finding outdoor gear at a reasonable price. Make a resolution to buy after the New Year, when merchants are eager to clear out the old and bring in the new.

Video Games

Save your video game spending for after Christmas. Video game manufacturers release new games in November and December in time for holiday shopping. Wait until January and February to buy your video games to get a better deal.


Some experts say winter boat show season is the best time to buy. Others recommend checking out dealerships from January to March as they won’t bundle boat-show expenses into the final price. In either case, merchants offer better prices so they can clear their decks to exhibit new models.


New camera models usually come out in January and February, when trade shows reveal their new wares to the best advantage. Unless you absolutely have to own the very latest model, this is your chance to buy last year’s version.

Home Theaters 

The biggest sales of both big-screen TVs and home theaters are directly before the Super Bowl. Dealers want to clear their inventory for new product lines and customers want to upgrade for the highest-rated show of the year.

China and Flatware If you don’t mind buying last-season’s patterns, shop after Christmas and the wedding season.

Frozen Foods 

Happy National Frozen Food Month! The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association, founders of the event, encourage producers to offer coupons for their frozen delectables in March.

Stores discount existing refrigerator lines to make room for the new models. Since spring is when people are anxious to feather their nests, now is your chance to buy last year’s models at a great discount. Shop on a weekday, when sales reps have time to give you their full attention.


Butter production is typically best in June or July, meaning prices are low. Since butter freezes well for at least six months, stock up now for holiday cooking.


Any other time of year, champagne gathers dust on liquor store shelves. Come the holidays and the approach of New Years Eve, the bubbly beverage begins to fly out the door. June weddings also give champagne sales a kick.

Gym Memberships

New Years’ resolutions have gone out the window by June and gym rats are more interested in outdoor activity than exercising indoors. Membership representatives will leap at the chance to sign up new members, even if it means waiving initiation fees and giving away a free month.


Hardware and home improvement stores hammer us with heavily advertised sales directly before Fathers Day and during the holiday season. Apparently merchants believe all men — particularly fathers — lust after nothing quite so much as power tools.


Mad dogs and Englishmen paint in the noon-day sun…or in the heat of summer. That’s why paint retailers have sales on both interior and exterior paints during the hottest months of the year.

Broadway Tickets 

New Yorkers flock to new shows in the fall and consider summer performances “très gauche.” That means theaters are more likely to fill empty seats in July with cut-rate tickets. On the other hand, some truly good theater closes quickly, so availability depends on a show’s popularity.

Seasonal Produce

Look for a wide assortment of veggies and fruits in sweet July, including apricots, blueberries, watermelon, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, green beans and lettuce.


“Suit up” on fall suits in January and spring suits in July. Before you buy, however, make sure the style is timeless. Avoid such time-dated fashions as double-breasted suits and the gargantuan shoulders of the 1980s.


Computers have become essential items for students which is why most retailers have big back to school sales in August. You can also get a good deal on a computer during the run up to Christmas.

Technology blogs and manufacturer websites should have information about when new compter models will be released. If you have your eye on an older model and a new model is soon to be released, it may be worth the wait in order to buy it at a lower price

MP3 Player 

Some stores place older models on sale to make way for the latest and greatest MP3s, so this is your best chance to find deals. By October, shoppers are on the prowl for Christmas presents and few want to give an older version of the hottest thing.


Apparently people are less interested in sucking the moisture out of their homes in late summer as August is when merchants put dehumidifiers on sale.

Flip Flops 

The summer months are when stores stock up on hundreds of different flip-flop styles and patterns at low, low prices. Wait until the fall and you may have to pay a hefty premium for out-of-season and out-of-style sandals.

Garden Plants and Flowers

Prices on plants and flowers fall drastically after midsummer when nurseries and garden supply stores are trying to clear inventory.

Lawn Mowers 

Once summer is over stores begin preparing for Fall products, which means big sales on lawn mowers. Stores need to make room for new inventory and lawn mowers take up plenty of space.

School Supplies 

There are two schools of thought here: 1) Buy early to capitalize on back to school sales, or 2) Buy late when stores  are burning off excess inventory. The latter can be very appealing, since merchants making room for new products are known to discount school supplies by 75% or more. To maximize your savings, find out exactly what your child needs on day 1, and what can wait a few weeks.


Every women knows there’s really no good time to deal with the nightmare of finding a swimsuit that looks good and fits. The rest of humanity should wait until the end of summer, when crowds at pools and beaches begin to thin out.

Swing Sets 

Swing sets go on sale at summer’s end, when children have abandoned outdoor play for indoor pursuits. Swing sets also take up a lot of floor space merchants are just itching to fill with holiday merchandise.


New bicycle models are released in September, as the riding season slows down. Dealers don’t want old models haunting their show rooms all winter, so they slash prices. Because bike manufacturers drastically change models every few years — to keep up with new technology — you’ll want to investigate to make sure you don’t end up with an out-of-date bike.

Patio Furniture

Wait until the first week after summer ends to buy your patio furniture. Stores will drastically reduce the price of patio furniture because they need to make room for Christmas decorations.

The best selection of wines will be available after fall harvest. The latest vintages are released by most vineyards at this time. This is also the best time to find good buys.Many wine retailers are trying to keep a low inventory in these uncertain times and are marking down prices to sell off overstock. There are great deals being offered on wines of all quality so today may be the best day to buy a bottle of wine.

Air Conditioners 

The price of air conditioners rise and lower with the temperature. Most old air conditioners expire when the temperature goes up which creates a high demand in the summer months.If an air conditioner is a must buy right now, then begin looking for discounts today on last years models. If you have a unit that can make it through another season, then the best option is to wait until stores are clearing their inventory at the end of the summer. As temperatures cool the prices will drop and you can find great deals to keep you cool next year.You can save money on the purchase of a new air conditioner by having your current system serviced. Early in the season is the best time to find deals on service for your air conditioner. In the heating and air conditioning business, the summer months are the most profitable. Many companies will offer discounts on air conditioner service before the heat arrives to stay busy.


New model year vehicles are typically introduced in late summer. The end of a model year can be a great time to get bargains on a recommended model as dealerships are making room for new models. Vehicles remaining on the lot at the end of the model year are considered to be “leftovers”. They have been on the lot the longest and can generally be negotiated for considerable savings.The end of the month can be a good time to buy a car also as many dealerships establish monthly quotas and salespeople may be willing to take much less than asking price in order to make a sale to earn their bonus. The best way to save on end of the month purchases is to walk onto the dealership with a good idea of what you want to buy. Some salespeople may try pressuring you into making decisions about a car you are not prepared to buy if you don’t know what you are looking for.Throughout the year, manufacturers offer rebates, incentives and cheap financing which often coincide with a holiday, long weekend, or special promotion. Sales incentives can be worth investigating to see how much money you can save.

Gas Grills 

Gas grills are in high demand during the summer and prices rise to match the demand. This makes Fall and Winter the best time to buy a new grill. Companies  will cut prices on summer grills when winter merchandise arrives.


Early winter is the best time to begin your wish list if toys are what you want for Christmas. Retailers will be trying to maximize holiday sales by reducing prices and pushing sales as early as October. Your chances of finding cheaper games and puzzles are especially good during this time.If you simply can’t wait to buy toys but you still would like to find a bargain, then August will be the best time to look for discounts. With holiday shopping on the horizon, retailers will be reducing prices on current stock to make room for the seasons hottest toys. Retailers will be willing to let items go at huge discounts in order to make room to stock newer items.

Christmas Trees Right after Thanksgiving is your best bet. Shoppers are focused on Christmas presents and will put off purchasing a Christmas tree until late in the season. Since this holiday greenery typically stays fresh for at least a month, you won’t end up with a dead tree on Christmas Day. Besides, many of the trees purchased late in the season were cut many weeks earlier.

Frozen Turkeys 

Wait until after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays then dive in for some great deals. While grocery stores may offer good prices before these holidays, demand is down directly after and merchants just want to get these space hogs out of their freezers.

Recreational Vehicles 

The absolute, hands-down, best time to buy both new and used RVs is a couple of weeks after cold weather sets in and buyer traffic has slowed. Dealers want to increase their cash flow and unload excess inventory. Private owners don’t want to winterize and store their RVs. Of course, that means you’ll have to deal with storage, but the hassle and expense can be offset by a cheaper price.

Golf Clubs 

The holidays certainly bring plenty of deals for the golfer in your family, but March is actually a better bet. It’s during this month that the latest equipment hit the shelves, which means deep discounts on last year’s model. If you really want to get good, spend the savings on a lesson or two.

NFL Tickets 

Despite the super-sized stadium seating, NFL tickets are rarer than hens teeth because teams play a limited home schedule. By December, however, half the teams will have losing records with little chance of making the playoffs. As a result, fewer people are interested in watching a pointless football game in the middle of winter. Of course, tickets for play-off-bound teams will still be difficult to secure


Though the economy has helped drive down year-round prices for major purchases like a swimming pool, off-season remains the best time to buy. Note that some stores don’t hold on to all their best inventory through the winter, but a little research and legwork should help you find the pool and the price you’re looking for. Short-term summer deals do also exist, so keep your eyes peeled.

I hope that you find this list useful.  I know that there are many items I didn’t list. Based on our economy, shopping patterns change, so I will continue to update this list as I become aware of these changes.


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