Deals Walgreens — 2 Comments

  1. I went to Walgreens yesterday and today and I was quite pleased with my purchases and the deals that I got with coupons and with so many Register rewards that I used on second purchases! I even asked the cashier if he’d include the mini animal “dream light” flashlight toys in the B1G1 free deal on “As Seen on TV products” and he said “Sure, I don’t see why not!’ When I had asked another woman in the store previously she had told me “No” so I am glad I asked for a second opinion on that with a cashier who seemed friendlier and easy going! The deal on the Welches sparkling juices was great with the 2 for $3 store coupon and the manufactures coupons too making them out to be just $1 a bottle! With rewards and coupons I ended up getting two big packages of the Cottenelle for free! Score! The hair elastics and the toothbrushes (both with rewards and the toothbrush with manufacturer coupons) make great stocking stuffers! =) Walgreens was worth a trip this weekend!

    • Hi Marcia!!!! I am super excited on how well you did at Walgreens this week. Thank you for letting me know. Good thing you did ask and got a sweet little deal for doing so. NICE Job!!

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