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4 Practical Tips: How to Coupon with Etiquette! — 6 Comments

  1. Don’t hold up cashiers with bickering about your transaction(s). Not only do many stores calculate the employee’s speed and that sometimes determines how much they work, but you’re also holding up people behind you needlessly. Instead, take your complaints to the customer service desk, they’re much better equipped to handle your complaints and concerns.

    Use common courtesy, if you have a stack of coupons that rivals Mt. Everest, and there’s some unsuspecting soul behind you with a carton of eggs and a loaf of bread, let them go ahead of you. If you cannot do that, at least warn them so they can choose another line.

    Don’t be afraid to get a raincheck. So many places are more than happy to honour any price in reasonable quantities. This cuts down on your number of trips to the store.

    Lastly, don’t feel like you must use a coupon just because it’s about to expire!

  2. The part about clearing shelves: I was cursing “Couponers” on Monday when I went to Price Chopper (as I walked with my binder in my cart, an obvious coupon lady). Some of the best deals were all gone. I wish the shelves had automatic feed from the warehouse, like on the Coors beer commercial when the bartender opens the cooler and is handed the beer. 🙂

    • HA HA Jen you Crack me up!!! I love that idea. We would never have to worry about not being able to get those great deals.

  3. I would like to than you for pointing out the ethics of being etiquette while couponing. It is really appreciated and I will use this great information.

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